Residential Thermal Expansion Absorbers

Elbi of America - Residential Thermal Expansion Absorbers

The DXT Series thermal expansion tank is designed for use in domestic system installation for sanitary hot water applications. The tank is installed in systems equipped with a backflow preventor or as an add-on to direct or indirect water heaters. The tank’s function is to absorb the increased volume of water which results from the heating process, thereby keeping the system’s pressure below the relief valve settings. The tanks are available in sizes from 2 to 13 gallons in either stand or in-line versions.

The heavy duty butyl diaphragm is designed to provide a permanent separation of the water from the air cushion. The exclusive TOP-PRO® internal coating ensures effective protection against corrosion and allows the product to be safely used in sanitary fresh water systems. The installation of a DXT tank in any of the above mentioned systems reduces the system’s operating costs and prevents unnecessary relief valve operation.

Features and Benefits of the “DXT” Series Tanks:

  • Welded Construction – Adds safety to your installation.
  • Heavy Duty Butyl Diaphragm – Withstands temperatures as high as 200° F. Of solid construction, manufactured in house through an injection molding process. Made of proprietary food quality Butyl compound which will not release taste or odors in the water.
  • Epoxy Paint Finish – Provides an attractive, durable, appliance like finish obtained through an oven baking process of the epoxy paint powder.
  • 40 PSIG Factory Precharge (on All Models) – Suits most common installations. The precharge can be adjusted on site (see instruction manual).
  • Strong Construction – Tanks are sturdy and built to last while at the same time they are lightweight, easy to handle and simple to install.
  • Protection of water inlet – Plastic insert keeps the diaphragm safe, prevents well water debris from entering the tank and enhances the resistance of water inlet against corrosion.
  • TOP-PRO® Internal Lining – The exclusive TOP-PRO® internal coating provides good protection against water corrosion, yet it does not affect the taste or quality of the water. The TOP-PRO® coating is also applied at the water connection line to prevent it from rust corrosion. Moreover, the coating does not allow the diaphragm to stick to the tank shell.

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