Residential Hydro Pneumatic Tanks

Elbi of America - Residential Hydro Pneumatic Tanks

ELBI TOP-PRO®tector Series of Hydro-pneumatic water well tanks represents the latest development in well tank technology and comes with a true deep-drawn design with one single body weld which gives it reliability, lightness and efficiency. There are no inner domes to limit the diaphragms expansion; therefore, the maximum drawdown can be obtained in all conditions.

Top-Pro®tector type tanks feature Elbi’s exclusive Top-Pro® internal coating and are tested against ASTM standards for perfect adhesion.

What’s new in the DWT Series tanks:

  • Ultra Grade Polyester Powder Coating No UV Ray deterioration (chalking) – Tough Finish
  • Adhesion Tested to ASTM-D3359-02 & D522-93a
  • Improved diaphragm retaining ring
  • Heavier Gauge Metal (2 gal to 21 gal)
  • Stainless Steel water fittings & Elbows
  • Helium Tested: the most reliable leakage testing available; ensures delivery of leak free products.

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